Katie Hartman

Katie Hartman Epic Athlete


Katie was born and raised in Breckenridge, CO. She started skiing when she was only 17 months old and began racing when she was five years old. “For most of my life, since I was able to walk, I was able to ski,” say Katie.She was the top junior in North America and trained with the US Development team before deciding to ski for the University of Colorado at Boulder. Katie has won ski races all over the world, competing in North American Cups, Europa Cups, US Nationals, Junior World Championships, University Games, and NCAA Championships. She was the 2011 NCAA Champion and won gold at the University Games in Turkey. Katie now lives in Collingwood, Ontario where she coaches the 14-15 year old age group skiers.

“I love Ski Racing, because it supplies a place for people to go as fast as they want without anyone telling you you have to slow down. It is a sport that when you enter the start gate it is only about you and how fast you can go, trying to get to the finish before anyone else did. It allows such freedom. There is no style points, just you and the clock.”

Rooepic200 798

Facts about Katie:

  • loves a good vanilla latte
  • wants to be a sports broadcaster
  • loves The Big Bang Theory
  • has her own website: SkiHartman.com

Her favorite RooEpic product: Headbands

“My favorite RooEpic product cannot be just one thing. I love the headbands to be able to put my crazy hair back and out of my face. I also love my tights, they keep my legs warm with attitude!”

“I love the company and what it was made for. Based off simplicity, just trying to keep everyone sporty, warm and looking cool at all times, but then an added twist that not a single on is really alike. All patterns are different and fit to each individual.”

Katie Hartman


Thanks for being an epic person and an epic athlete!

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