Karen Waeschle


Karen Waeschle Epic Athlete

Karen is an all around ultra athlete.  She competes in triathlons, nordic ski racing, running races, and crossfit….she does it all!

We had a chance to interview her, here is what she had to say:

What Sport Means to Me:  “I have been a competitive athlete since I was a seven year old on the Blue Racers Swim Team, and so training and competing is who I am.  As I’ve aged, however, I appreciate simply feeling strong and being active…Winning isn’t the only thing!”

Quote to live by: “You’re never too old to learn or try something new”..”I’m going to get a muscle-up before I turn 50!”
Sports: Nordic Skiing, Road and Mountain Biking, Crossfit, Triathlon, Yoga, Swimming and RunningFavorite Exercise:

Walking or Trail Running with my two English Setters.Special Thanks to Karen and  Thin Air Crossfit for letting us photograph in your gym!


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