Dear Friends,
Who knew that creating unique workout headbands for my friends and myself would lead to an Epic Adventure? I have all of you to thank! We now carry a variety of high quality products manufactured in the mountains of Colorado.  Roo Epic products are sold online and in stores throughout United States.  Our loyal fans watch for new unique prints and new products!  Because of our commitment to excellence and your support, RooEpic has become my American Dream!

People always ask me how I name my products. Naming patterns is an enjoyable part of my business. Typically we have some test items or a few sample products that we wear, and give to people to try.  Often we find the perfect fit. A pattern really fits someone’s personality. Then we have the name! Another way I come up with a name is when I receive an email from someone requesting a special color combination or a special crazy pattern.
I carry lots of different prints because I know you don’t want to look like everyone else. Naming each print is a fun way to keep track of many different patterns.  Maybe you would like a pattern named after you?  I would love to hear from you!

Thanks again!
Rylee Burrows
Founder and CEO

E-mail a suggestion (info@rooepic.com), like us on Facebook or on Instagram (@RooEpic)

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