Epic Athlete Lane Stoltzner

RooEpic is proud to announce our newest member, Lane Stoltzner, to the Epic Athlete Team!


Lane is a freestyle mogul skier on the US Freestyle Ski Team. When we caught up with Lane earlier this week, this is what we learned:

Lane began prepping for the 2015-2016 ski season last May. She has been training on the trampoline, water ramp, and on-snow training 118 days. In addition she has been in the gym at least that many days. Just thinking about all that work wears a us out…

“But training and being an athlete is what makes me love my sport so much.”

When we asked Lane about sleep, we realized she should also be a professional sleeper.

“I love to sleep! I generally sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours a night and take naps most days that we have time between training sessions.”

We also think we should all be invited over for dinner some time…Lane’s house next Friday anyone?

“I love to cook- when we are on the road it is to continue eating healthy and hearty foods. When we are at home, I love to have people over for dinner.”

Most importantly Lane has a secret weakness for pomegranates.

“They are the best!”

And the extra tidbits that make Lane the perfect RooEpic Epic Athlete!

“I don’t know how to smile for a picture without laughing.”

“My current goal is to make it through a whole ski day without having cold toes.”

Finally and most importantly 🙂 Lane loves RooEpic Superbands.

“Superbands are what I love most about RooEpic! I wear one for my on-snow warm up almost everyday.”


We are so excited to finally have Lane representing RooEpic! To follow her journey this season check her out on Facebook  and Instagram .

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